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Don Hankins: 



Don started with Lexus as an accessory installer at Sterling McCall Lexus in 1989. He was then just 24 years old and quite green at automotive repair. Quickly he was able to learn the in's and out's of the 2 Lexus vehicles available and began working on them as the dealership needed.  He joined one of the technical teams as a Rookie and still maintained installing accessories while gaining the knowledge to repair the cars.

Don worked his way up the chain and into a Team Leader position within two years. Lexus certified Don as a Master Lexus Technician in 1995. The Lexus brand continued to grow and Don was instrumental in solving several very tricky electrical problems in the Lexus cellular phone system for the Motorola Corporation in 1995. He continued to excel in diagnostics and was certified by Lexus as a Master Diagnostic Specialist in 1997.

In 1998 Don was promoted to Service Advisor and began his journey writing service and communicating directly with the customers about their vehicle's needs. Don was also helping the Technicians when they had diagnostic concerns as well as tending to the computer systems, phone system and Customers needs. It was not unusual to see Don come in from the shop, covered in dirt and sweat, in a tie and long sleeves, to solve a problem. Whenever there was a problem, Don was the "go-to" guy.

In mid 1998, Don was asked to be the Service Manager for the new Lexus of Clear Lake dealership. Don was able to design, staff and operate the Service Department for 7 years.




Paul Cline:




Paul  joined Lextek Automotive in August of 2007. Paul , a Toyota T-Ten Program scholar who won Toyota's prestigious Top-Gun award for technical excellence, has joined our staff in this venture and we are proud to have him working with us. He will be a big help in the future and he believes, like I do, that taking care of the customer is the top priority.